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  • March
    • Talk on “Precursory slip and foreshocks on rough faults” at the TECTONIC/FEAR seminar available here, or check out the paper here


  • September


  • April
    • Invited seminars at CalTech (April 6) and MIT (April 11).

    • April 23-26: I’ll be at the SSA meeting in Seattle, where I’ll give a talk on theoretical arguments for the statistical properties of seismicity on simple planar faults, and co-chair a session on earthquake forecasting.


  • February
    • Friday 26 - Invited talk at the Berkeley Seismology Lab.

    • Congratulations to PhD student Simone Mancini, whose AGU talk on Coulomb stress models of the 2016-2017 Central Italy sequence won him an Oustanding Student Paper Award!

  • December
    • I’ll be at the AGU meeting in Washington, where I’ll give a talk on my recent paper about crack models of small repeating earthquakes. And don’t miss other presentations by my coauthors: Simone Mancini will give a talk on Coulomb stress models of the 2016-2017 Central Italy sequence; Eric Burton will present a poster on time dependent fault locking in Japan; Brittany Erickson and colleagues from the Community Code Verification Exercise for Simulating Sequences of Earthquakes and Aseismic Slip will present a poster with the results of the first benchmarks.
  • July
    • invited talk at ETH, Zurich (Crack models to explain seismic cycles at different scales: small repeating earthquakes and vertical strike slip faults)