Jannes Münchmeyer

Jannes Münchmeyer

Postdoctoral Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jannes is a visiting Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow working with Prof William Frank and visiting EAPS from June to December 2024. Within the project DECODE, Jannes works on understanding seismic-aseismic interaction in subduction zone. To this end, he is developing and applying machine learning methods for the detection of low-frequency earthquakes. Previously, Jannes worked on earthquake rupture predictability, real time assessment of earthquakes, and machine learning methods for earthquake detection. He is a developer and maintainer of the SeisBench library, an open-source framework for machine learning in seismology.


  • Earthquakes detection
  • Machine learning
  • Seismic-aseismic interaction


  • PhD in Computer Science / Seismology, 2021

    GFZ Potsdam / HU Berlin